Bali as a Destination
  • January 06, 2020

Bali as a Destination

Bali in itself is more than just an island. It is an experience that you will never want to forget. You will be compelled to come back and explore this little heaven on earth! Be it its perfect weather or its breathtaking golden beaches, Bali will never fail to surprise you. The warm blue waters and the stunning scenery of the Heaven Island will leave an indelible mark on your heart.
The tropical wonderland is full of contrasts; you can visit its magnificent beaches to its fresh rainforest to the mighty mountains, all within a few hours! The island has little surprises for everyone from friends to families, couples to the millennials. You can reconnoiter the diverse culture of the Balinese people, do hiking on a dormant volcano, perform scuba diving in the coral reefs or simply walk on its mighty beaches. Bali will leave you smitten in its sheer majestic beauty! 
If you are planning to visit this mystical island soon, here’s everything you need to know. Bali is at its best between April and October because of its dry season. The remaining months experience the rainy season. 
Talking about the places to visit, Kuta and Seminyak are the most popular areas in Bali, but the isle offers more. There are some stunning beaches on the Bukit Peninsula and striking natural and cultural areas in Ubud and further north. Ubud is a yoga and meditation retreat. It is the spiritual and cultural capital of Bali. In the center of Ubud lies a big market displaying clothes, food, jewelry and furniture, which can be purchased at reasonable prices.
Since rice is the staple food in Bali, you can explore rice paddies all over the island, and can even learn how to plant the harvest the rice crop. Bali offers excellent food and is full of outstanding restaurants and cafes. Once you explore the place, you will find a lot of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options along with decent smoothies and health food cafes.
Bali offers exciting white water rafting down the incredibly beautiful Ayung River by Ubud. Ubud is a delightful town to bike around if you like to do cycling. You can definitely visit Mount Agung. It is also the highest peak on the island. The mountain looks majestic and a striking work of nature at the time of dawn. The most favorite activities are trekking and rock climbing in Mount Agung. You can try exploring the West Bali National Park, where you may knit close bonds with Bali’s rich nature and wildlife, such as Jalak Bali or the Bali Starling.
Bali is truly a traveler’s dream come true. Whether it is its scenic beauty or its rich flora and fauna, Bali has a piece of paradise for every visitor. It will forever be the most reminiscent and admired islands of the entire Indonesian archipelago.